Installing Mission Planner

New Installation

If you have never installed Mission Planner or Ardupilot before the simplest way of installing firmware and configuring your Cube is by downloading the latest Mission Planner and drivers below

Latest Mission Planner

Latest Drivers

Once completed you can now proceed to 'Installing Ardupilot'.

Existing Installation - Updating Mission Planner & Drivers

If you already have an older version of Mission Planner installed you should check you are on the latest version, for Cube Orange and Cube Yellow you must update to the latest version and install the latest drivers.

To update mission planner click the 'Help' Icon along the top bar and then at the bottom of the screen click 'Check for Updates'.

Once Mission Planner is updated you must also update the drivers, to do this you should first uninstall the old drivers as follows

  1. Disconnect Cube from USB

  2. Open Mission Planner

  3. Press Control + F keys

  4. In the 'Temp' window click 'driver clean'

  1. Next download the latest drivers from , Install then reboot the system then connect Cube to a USB port and allow the drivers to install.

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