Herelink Overview


Herelink is an integrated remote controller, ground station and wireless digital transmission system designed to be used with the Cube Autopilot, Ardupilot or PX4.
Herelink allows RC control, HD video and telemetry data to be transmitted upto 20km between the ground station and air unit, the Herelink remote controller features custom Solex TX and QGC applications and both air unit and ground station feature an integrated 8 core SOC for custom application development.


  • Android based smart device with 5.46 inch 1080P capacitive touch screen.
  • Integrated digital transmission system simultaneously transmitting video, telemetry and control.
  • Custom Solex TX and QGC ground station software with MAVlink support for Ardupilot and PX4.
  • Dual hall effect self centering gimbals with removable sticks.
  • 1080P HD video with dual digital video inputs.
  • Dual S.bus signal output for simultaneous control of autopilot and pan/tilt cameras.
  • 6 customisable Mavlink buttons and Mavlink/Sbus hardware wheel.
  • RC gimbal control on dedicated service independent from Solex TX / QGC.
  • Tether and share video and telemetry via wifi ground station such as Mission Planner.
  • Onboard Arm Cortex A53 & Cortex A53 SOC in both air and ground units for custom applications.

Technical specifications

Ground & Air Unit:

ARM Cortex A53 4 core 2.2GHz + Cortex A53 4 core 1.4GHz
Image Processing:
Mali-T860 GPU
A7 + DSP
Air Unit: LPDDR3: 1GB, Ground Station: LPDDR3: 2GB, EMMC: Air / Ground 4GB
Transmission Distance:
FCC 20km CE / SRRC 12km Image transmission delay: ≤ 110ms Image transmission: [email protected] [email protected] / 60fps transmission,signal bandwidth 20MHz / 10MHz
Frequency Band:
2.4GHz ISM Receive sensitivity: [email protected] BW Interference recovery: < 1s

Ground Station:

Herelink - Ground Station
5.46 inch 1080P, 16 million colors, capacitive touch screen
Built-in speaker × 1, built-in microphone × 2
Remote control:
Hall affect gimbals with removable sticks x 2, scroll wheel × 1, bottom button × 6 with backlight, top button × 1 (right)
Bluetooth (disabled) / WIFI / GPS / 2.4G map transmission ground
MicroUSB × 1, Micro SD × 1 (supports maximum 64GB)
Circular (5dBi) × 1, detachable, omnidirectional (2dBi) × 1, detachable,built-in wifi antenna, built-in GPS antenna, external GPS antenna interface x 1
Power :
Built-in 4950 mAh Lipo Battery
Charging :
Support micro USB port 5v 2A current charging
Power consumption:
The average power consumption does not exceed 4W (only picture transmission work, medium screen brightness, WiFi off, GPS off)
217 × 106.5 × 31mm not including external antenna and rocker

Air Unit:

Herelink - Air Unit
Micro HDMI x 2: Input for external camera video,supports 720P 30fps & 1080P 30/60fps
Power Input:
2 Pin interface x 1: Recommended supply voltage ~7V: minimum 6V: maximum 12V and avoid sharing BEC with servos, the average power consumption of the single-sided module is less than 4W
3 Pin interface x 1:3.3V / 5V level UART interface Mavlink Compatible
Control Output:
4 Pin interface x 1: Two 3.3V level RC output connectors (S.bus in phase, S.bus inverting or PPM signal output, ground terminal control)
Micro USB x 1: for debugging upgrades, support OTG mode
MMCX antenna jack x 2: used for signal transmission and ground communication