Installing a Custom App

Installing SDK Platform-Tools

Ensure you have latest platform-tools installed on your computer system.

If you do not have the SDK "platform-tools" installed on your computer, download it from this link and keep track where the the "platform-tools" folder is located:

Enable "Developer Mode" on the DataLink by navigating to Settings->About Phone->Build Number and tap at least 7 times on "Build Number."

Enable Settings->Developer options->USB debugging

Using a USB to Micro USB cable, plug the HereLink Blue into a computer and open the computer's terminal command line

Open the Terminal

For Windows, navigate to the "platform-tools" folder. In this folder, hold down Shift and then right-click. From the menu select the “Open Command window here” option. If the option to open the command window is not available, then click on the "open PowerShell window here".

For Mac, navigate to the "platform-tools" folder. Right Click the folder and select Services->New Terminal at Folder

Check if the unit is connected

Using the computer's terminal, check it the device is connected via the adb command protocol:


adb devices


.\adb devices

Installing .apk using adb

Move the .apk file to the SDK "platform-tools" folder on your computer

Install the .apk using adb install <app_name>.apk in your computers terminal


adb install <app_name>.apk


.\adb install <app_name>.apk

The new app should now appear in the app launcher's list.

Uninstall an app using adb

To remove the app use adb remove org.myorg.appname

$ adb remove org.myorg.appname

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