Meadowhawk 2 User Guide

Meadowhawk 2 - Remote Vehicle Flight Manual


Union Corp.

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Remote Vehicle Flight Manual - Multi-rotor

sUAS Manufacture

Union Corp.

sUAS Model

Meadowhawk 2

Serial Number


Radio Controller Manufacturer

Union Corp.

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Date of Initial Issue

March 25, 2021

Date of Revision


This manual must be readily available to the sUAS pilot at all times. The sUAS should be operated in compliance with the information and limitations contained herein.

Applicable Regulations

The Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) as described in this Flight manual is subject to Transport Canada Civil Aviation and the United States Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The sUAS operated, is the sole responsibility of the sUAS Operator.


Check that your use of the cameras on board this sUAS complies with the legal provision on privacy in the country where you operate your product.

Index of Revisions

Revisions to this Remote Vehicle Operator’s Manual are recorded in the following table. The Remote Vehicle Operator’s Manual Revision Number, Revision Date and Document Number are shown on the bottom right hand corner on each page.

The remote vehicle may only be operated using the latest version of the Operator’s Manual.


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