Pairing & Calibration

HereLink Blue has a dedicated system settings app for the setup and configuration of the HereLink Blue RC control and radio system.

The HereLink Blue Settings app allows you to:

  • Pair The Air Unit

  • See Radio & System Status

  • Calibrate the RC

  • Set RC Mode & Throttle Settings

  • Calibrate HW Wheel and Set Channel

  • Set Radio Regional Settings

  • Configure Sbus Buttons

From the "App Launcher" screen, slide down the notification drawer from the top of the screen

Select the "Union Robotics Settings"

The settings app will open

Pairing the Rover Unit and Ground Station

Tap Pair button and then hold the Pair/Reset button on Air Unit until LED2 blinks.

Joystick and Wheel Calibration

Click the JOYSTICK tab to access the joystick screen

Here you will find the sticks and hardware wheel options and calibration settings.

From this screen you can:

  • See RC Calibration Status

  • Calibrate Hardware Wheel

  • Calibrate Sticks

  • Set RC Stick Mode

  • Set Hardware Wheel Sbus Channel & Bus

  • Reverse RC Channel

  • Set Throttle Centre Behavior

Calibrate the hardware wheel


Click Start rollwheel and follow the calibration steps.

Note once complete you can check its correct functioning by looking at the values change, click Pass to return to joystick screen.

Once calibration is complete you can set the Sbus channel output and Bus output for the wheel on the highlighted settings

Bus 1 is the same output as the sticks and the wheel can be set to channels 5 - 16, on bus 2 the wheel can be set to channels 1 -16.

Once complete click SAVE to store settings

Calibrate the joysticks

  • Click HW JS CAL

This screen is split into 2 sections, joystick calibration on the left, joystick testing on the bottom right, instructions for the user to follow will be shown in the green box. Click Start Calibration to begin the process and follow the instructions in the green box and the sick movement arrows located around the sticks on the remote as highlighted in red below.

Note: The joystick testing area in the bottom right will not move or show any input while you are calibrating the sticks. This is normal, this area will only display input after the joysticks have been calibrated.

Once the joystick calibration step is complete the input test area in the red box will activate, follow the instructions above it to test the sticks input are functioning correctly by aligning the black and red circles in each step shown. This will test the joysticks are moving correctly in all axises.

At the end of this process if you are happy with the input behavior you can click ‘Pass’ and the calibration will be stored, if you're experiencing any issues click ‘Fail’ and start the calibration process again using a little more pressure in the corners.

RC Mode Selection , Throttle Behavior & Channel Reversing

DataLink supports RC modes 1-4 as well as the option to set the throttle centre as zero PWM output and reverse each channel.

Set throttle center and RC mode via the below settings.

The stick sbus output can be reversed by clicking on ‘REV’ next to the channel you want to change.

After making any changes click SAVE to store settings.

Calibrate SBUS Output

To calibrate the joystick SBUS outputs click SBUS OUT CAL.

Follow the RC stock movement steps as shown in the highlight section moving the stick through each position.

Once complete click SAVE to store settings.

Selecting FCC/CE settings

Select the region you are residing in or matches closest to your locations policy from Country Under "Union Robotics Settings" main screen.

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