Update Firmware

Update Ground Station

Connect your DataLink to a 5.8GHz WIFI and make sure an internet connection is available

Pull down from the top and select the settings cog in the top corner or click the Update Available tab

Scroll to the bottom and click the About Phone option

Select System Update

Select CHECK FOR UPDATE in the bottom corner

Select UPDATE in the bottom corner

The system will update and install

Update Error

There are 3 things the need to be checked if you receive an error

  1. You are connected to stable WIFI

  2. The device time/date is correct

  3. You entered the correct Key

Update Air Unit

In the Radio Settings menu, select AIRUNIT tab. The app will download the settings from the air unit and search online to see if there is an update available.


The Air Unit Firmware will start downloading to the Ground Station.

Once downloading is complete, select the TRANSFER TO AIRUNIT tab.

The downloaded firmware will start to transfer to the Air Unit.

Once the transfer is complete, select the UPDATE AIRUNIT tab.

The new Air Unit firmware will be installed on the Air Unit.

Once complete, click anywhere on the screen outside the grey box to continue.

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