Air Unit Interface & Installation

Connector Inputs

  1. HDMI 2: Micro HDMI, for video input

  2. HDMI 1: Micro HDMI, for video input (preferred)

  3. Power: 6V - 12.6V max (3s Lipo supported) power input *avoid sharing BEC with servos

  4. Micro USB: For debug or upgrade, support OTG

  5. Pair/Reset: For pairing and rest

  6. LED 1,2: To indicate pairing status and transmission status

  7. UART: 3.3V / 5V UART

  8. S.bus: Tow 3.3V RC output

  9. Antenna 1,2: MMCX, for signal transmission and communication

Pin Out

Connector Routing


  • Mount the Rover Unit securely to the drone

  • Choose the best position to attache the rover unit antennas.

  • Connect the antennas to ANT 1, ANT 2 (MMCX) on the Rover unit. There shall be no metal parts or any conductor attached to the antennas.

  • Connect S.bus on the Rover Unit to the RC IN on the Flight Controller.

  • Connect UART on the Rover unit to the TELEM 1 or TELEM 2 on the Flight Controller.

  • Connect 5V - 12.6V max (3s Lipo supported) battery to the power input on the Rover Unit.

  • Connect a camera to HDMI 1 (preferred) on the Rover Unit. If you are sing two camera, connect the second camera to HDMI 2. You may switch from Stream 1 and Stream 2 on the Ground Station to display the corresponding video stream.

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