SB_0000006 time to Go Orange

Latest update please refer to: SB_0000006 time to Go Orange

Reminder to plan for upgrade to cube Orange soon, Orange is the new Long Term Stable (LTS) option.

This is not a safety notice, but is critical for people to know.

The cube Black sensors are all End Of Life from suppliers.

We have multiple options for people needing cubes moving forward. Pick an option to suite your needs.

1.Switch to cube Orange, cube Orange and the upcoming Cube Orange Pro are the best autopilots in the Unmanned industry.

2.If you absolutely MUST have current design CubeBlack, contact your reseller and order in advance for the total number you will need.

3.Switch to cube Black +

Cube black plus is the latest version of cube black, it has newer sensors, but the same F4 FMU as the cube black. this is only for users that cannot use the Orange cube, if you can use the orange cube, please do.

Cube black IMU1 MPU9250 IMU2 LSM303D/ L3gd20 IMU3 MPU9250

Cube black+ IMU1 ICM20948 IMU2 ICM20602 IMU3 MPU9250

Ardupilot supports CubeBlack plus

4.For PX4 users. There are some developers working on Cube Orange support. Once that work is proven, you will be able to switch to orange. Meanwhile, yellow is in PX4 master, and Black+ shouldn’t be a difficult path forward. Remember that as soon as orange is released in Stable, I recommend PX4 users go with orange as well.

Thanks Daniel Agar for the great news of PX4 support!

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