2.1 Introduction

This Section includes operating limitations which are necessary for the safe operation of the Meadowhawk, motors, standard equipment and standard payload.


All limitations given in this Section must be complied for all operations.


Refer to the Supplements, Section 9 of this Remote Vehicle Flight Manual for amended Operating Limitations, Operating Procedures, Performance Data and other necessary information for the Meadowhawk equipped with specific equipment or payload.

2.2 Airspeed Limitations

Stall Speed


Operating Maneuvering Speed

22 MPH

Maximum Structural Cruising Speed

30 MPH

Never Exceed Speed

38 MPH


Flight speeds and flight envelope are limited by flight controller factory settings. Wind speeds may affect these values.

2.3 Mass | Centre of Gravity Limits

Empty Weight - Without Flight Battery or Payload

4 lbs / 1.8 KG

Nominal Take-Off Weight - with Standard Flight Battery, Standard Payload

7 lbs / 3.1 KG

Maximum Take-Off Weight

10 lbs / 4.5 KG


Exceeding weight limitations may lead to overloading of the Meadowhawk structure and cause loss of control of the Meadowhawk and/or structural damage.

The reference datum for determining the longitudinal Centre of Gravity is located below; given the lateral symmetry of the Meadowhawk, the reference line for the lateral Centre of Gravity is located on the symmetry axis.


Exceeding the centre of gravity limitations reduces the maneuverability and stability of the Meadowhawk.


The values are based on simulations and are verified during D&R

2.3.1 Longitudinal Centre of Gravity Limits


2.3.2 Lateral Centre of Gravity Limits


2.4 Flight and Maneuver Limitations

2.5 Flight Battery Limitations

Approved Types of Batteries

Union Robotics® Li-ion 14 Ah

Minimum Operation Voltage


Recommended Operation Voltage


Maximum Number of Charge Cycles


2.6 Weather Limitations

Do not fly Meadowhawk in temperatures

Exceeding 45°C(113°F)

or Below -20°C(-4°F)

Do not fly Meadowhawk in wind exceeding

20 MPH

Do not fly Meadowhawk in weather

Snow, Rain, Fog


The values are based standard flight conditions and will be updated upon our D&R

2.7 Range and Endurance Limitations

2.7.1 Flight Battery

Total Capacity


Do Not Fly Meadowhawk Battery Below


Max. Range

10 km / 6.2 mile

(unobstructed, free of interference)

2.8 Kinds of Operation

As governed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, sUAS flights are limited to Visual Line-Of-Sight (VLOS) flights, under Day Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions.

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