One Time Setup

Joystick Hardware Calibration

In case you did an update using flash_all script, or are observing issues with Joystick Control even after calibrating using Joystick Calibration Menu and RC Calibration from Ground Station App, please follow the following Tutorial.

  1. Tapand scroll down in General Tab.

  2. Tap Dial Pad button.

  3. Enter *#*#6484#*#* , The last star will automatically start Hardware Test screen app.

  4. Scroll and enter Joystick Test, run through the process of Calibration and select Pass.

  5. Do the same for Roll Wheel Test.

Joystick and Button Setup

Follow the steps as shown in the following video:

Pairing with Air Unit

After uploading the firmware using flash_all script you will be displayed message to start the process of pairing.

In case there is a need to pair with a different AirUnit module, follow the following process:

  1. Tapand select D2D Info from the tabs.

  2. Click the Pair Button, a Dialog box will show up to push the Pair/Reset Button on the AirUnit until the LED starts blinking green.

  3. Release the Pair/Reset button.

  4. The Pair Successful dialog box will show up. Click OK and the Units should be paired now. The LED on the AirUnit will turn solid Green.

Selecting FCC/CE settings

  1. Selectand scroll down in General Tab

  2. Select RF Authentication option and choose the relevant setting for your region.